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Feeling overwhelmed?

We understand the unique challenges and frustrations experienced by the owners of small- and medium-size businesses.  Your business started as an idea, a dream, or an opportunity of circumstance (right place/right time). You imagined the freedom and security that would come from applying your expert knowledge to delivering a better product or service, and getting to be your own boss. You had the courage to jump – and before you knew it you had customers, and your business was off and running.

With success came more demands on your time, and now most days it feels like the business is running you instead of the other way around. Suddenly you find yourself knee-deep in the constant demands of trying to please both customers and employees. Being the boss has come to mean working longer hours than you ever imagined, and contributing more time and money to keep the business afloat.

We have been there, and we can help.


EMyth’s approach provides business owners with a 360-degree analysis of their business to help them identify their actual pain points, develop a clear road map for how to address them while creating a company culture that has meaning, purpose and clearly defined goals. Grounded in 35 years of hands-on client experience, EMyth’s coaching curriculum delivers the right tools and access to more than 120 proprietary courses covering every aspect of business operations to help business owners find answers, solve issues and get clear advice so they can resolve their biggest frustrations and turn their passion into a scalable business.

The Seven Dynamics - Your Business Ecosystem

Your business is an ecosystem – a living thing made up of people and systems. The challenge is to get all the parts working seamlessly so your business can grow without consuming your life. Whether you are trying to solve a specific problem today or are doing some long-term planning, this tool is designed to help you “know where you are” so your work has the greatest possible effect.


About EMyth

EMyth is the global leader in transformational business coaching.

EMyth has inspired more than 7 million business owners through its best-selling book and has coached more than 70,000 owners of small- and midsize businesses  to become better leaders, systematize their business, increase profitability and simultaneously find ownership and meaning in their work.

Grounded in 35 years of hands-on client experience, EMyth is the only coaching company with a comprehensive cloud-based business development process designed to help business owners build the business they want, at their own pace or with a dedicated, certified business coach.

EMyth’s clients are looking to change the way they work – the way they think about it, how they work, and the way they measure success – so that they can be enriched by their career, not consumed by it.